Honda Sensing® Elite Safety System

  • Honda Legend Hybrid with Honda Sensing Elite

    The Honda Legend Hybrid is the first production vehicle with Level 3 autonomous driving.

While South Dakotans might be a few years away from having autonomous driving features onboard their favorite Honda vehicle, the automaker has proudly launched its all-new Honda Sensing® Elite safety system in Japan, making their Honda Legend Hybrid the first production vehicle with Level 3 automated driving technology. Traffic Jam Pilot is a Honda Sensing Elite feature that received Level 3 clearance, allowing for conditional automated driving in a limited area. If you’d like to learn more about Honda’s autonomous driving features and the technologies that could be making their way to the United States in the near future, join Vern Eide Honda as we explore the Honda Sensing Elite safety system.

Honda Sensing Elite Features

Further proving the slogan “Safety for Everyone” is more than just talk, Honda continues to pave the way when it comes to automotive safety with its newest version of Honda Sensing®. The original suite of advanced safety and driver-assist technologies can be found on nearly every new Honda vehicle in the United States and it includes features such as the Lane Keeping Assist System, Road Departure Mitigation System, Collision Mitigation Braking System, and Adaptive Cruise Control. But what can drivers expect from the all-new Honda Sensing Elite safety system?


Hands-Off Functionality

In certain driving conditions, features like Lane Keeping Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control will actually assist with driving operations, even if your hands aren’t on the steering wheel. Included with Hands-Off Functionality are the following:

  • Adaptive in Lane Driving: The system assists with keeping your vehicle in the center of an identified lane at a programmed speed, helping you maintain a proper following distance between you and the detected vehicles ahead.
  • Active Lane Change Assist with Hands-off Function (Driver Assessment): Once the driver uses the turn signal to change lanes, the system will provide throttle, steering, and braking inputs to complete the process when Adaptive in Lane Driving is activated.
  • Active Lane Change with Hands-off Function (System Assessment): When Adaptive in Lane Driving and Active Lane Change with Hands-off Function are both turned on, the system will assess the surroundings and can help pass vehicles and change lanes. If the vehicle ahead is being driven at a low speed the system will alert the driver, pass the detected vehicle, and then return to the original lane.


Traffic Jam Pilot

If the vehicle enters heavy traffic and Adaptive in Lane Driving is activated, Traffic Jam Pilot can take control of steering, braking, and acceleration during slow-speed driving conditions. The system will allow you to cruise, stop, and resume driving (with no driver input) in the same lane while keeping a proper following distance between you and the detected vehicles ahead.

  • Emergency Stop Assist: If the driver does not respond to Traffic Jam Pilot requests to transfer control back to them, the system will assist in decelerating and/or stopping the vehicle by changing over to the outermost lane or shoulder of the road.


Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

Using indicator lights strategically placed on the navigation screen, steering wheel, and glovebox, the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) will keep you updated in real-time about the system’s status, your current driving situation, and any system requests that yield control back to you. With the Hands-Off Function turned on, the indicator lights will illuminate blue. If the system needs to surrender control back to the driver its indicator lights will change from blue to orange and the LCD meter will display the operating status, driving conditions, and handover request(s).

Honda Sensing Elite Price

How much does Honda Sensing Elite cost? Well, it’s hard to say. The new Honda Legend Hybrid EX will be the automaker’s first vehicle to be equipped with the automated driving features and it’s priced at 11,000,000 yen (or approximately $100,838 U.S. dollars), but we don’t have an exact price for the Honda Sensing Elite safety system itself.

Honda Sensing Elite in the USA?

Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing Honda Sensing Elite in the U.S. anytime soon. It has been reported by the auto experts at Car and Driver that Honda has no plans for an American version of its newest automated driving technologies. Almost confirming there won’t be Honda Sensing Elite in the USA is the recent departure of RLX from Acura’s vehicle lineup, as this luxury sedan was the American equivalent of Japan’s Honda Legend Hybrid.

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