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Honda Collision Avoidance System

What is the Honda Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS)? Although it's not quite automatic braking, the CMBS will alert you if a potential collision is detected and the system can actually slow down your vehicle to help reduce the intensity when a crash is unavoidable. The CMBS rounds out the Honda Sensing suite of driver-assist technologies alongside other safety features like the Lane Keeping Assist System, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Road Departure Mitigation System. Join Vern Eide Honda in Sioux Falls as we show you how Collision Mitigation Braking works, how to adjust the system settings, and which Honda models have CMBS.

How Does Collision Mitigation Braking Work?

The CMBS utilizes a radar sensor in the grille and a front-facing camera located behind the rearview mirror to help detect other vehicles and pedestrians on the road ahead. Depending on the situation, the CMBS uses visual alerts, audio alerts (beeps), and may automatically apply the brake to help you avoid a collision.

How Do You Change the CMBS Alert Distance?

Although the CMBS can help you avoid a collision with moving vehicles, bicyclists, or pedestrians, you may want to adjust the sensitivity of how/when the system activates. While the CMBS is set on Normal by default, drivers can increase or decrease the distance in which the system jumps into action by changing the setting to Long or Short. In the event of a potential collision, the CMBS has three alert stages:

If you wish to adjust the response time of your CMBS follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure the vehicle is in Park
  2. From the home screen, select Settings
  3. Select Vehicle
  4. Select Driver Assist System Setup
  5. Select Forward Collision Warning Distance
  6. Select Long, Normal, or Short
  7. Press Back to exit the menu

How Do You Turn Off the CMBS?

While we don't recommend turning off the CMBS on your Honda vehicle, drivers can disable this Honda Sensing feature if they wish to do so. To turn off CMBS, simply press and hold down the CMBS button (located to the left of the steering column) until you hear an audible beep and a message appears in the Multi-Information Display. The CMBS will remain deactivated until the engine is shut down. Please note, the next time you start your Honda the CMBS will be turned on by default.

Honda Collision Mitigation Braking System Settings Screen

Which Honda Models Have the CMBS?

Almost every 2020 and newer Honda vehicle comes standard equipped with Honda Sensing and the Collision Mitigation Braking System. Refer to the videos below to watch CMBS in action.

Accord Collision Avoidance

From LX to Touring, every 2020 Accord comes standard with CMBS.

Insight Collision Avoidance

All 2020 Insight trim levels come standard with CMBS.

Civic Collision Avoidance

CMBS comes standard on every 2020 Civic Sedan.

CR-V Collision Avoidance

Every 2020 CR-V comes standard with CMBS.

Pilot Collision Avoidance

From LX to Elite, every 2020 Pilot is standard equipped with CMBS.

Odyssey Collision Avoidance

CMBS comes standard on 2020 Odyssey EX and above.

Honda's commitment to safety has never been stronger thanks to driver-assist technologies like the Collision Mitigation Braking System. Not only does CMBS heighten your awareness behind the wheel, but it can also reduce the likelihood of a car accident. Stop by Vern Eide Honda in Sioux Falls today to see the benefits of this safety feature firsthand.

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