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What Potholes Do to Your Vehicle

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It’s pothole season in Sioux Falls, SD. What’s pothole season? It’s that time of the year when the winter is making its exit and spring is arriving. Although it’s good that winter is over, the fluctuating temperatures between winter and spring can wreak total havoc on the roads in Mitchell, Watertown, and Aberdeen. Potholes are imperfections in the road that occur when the compacted soil beneath the pavement becomes weakened or moves. As the water from melting snow and rain seeps through cracks in the street, the base layers under the pavement are disrupted, ultimately causing weak areas of the road to collapse, creating potholes. These potholes start small but increase in size as traffic hits them, which can cause significant damage to your vehicle. Here are some of the most common types of damages potholes cause to cars.

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Wheel Damage

Scrapes and dents on the rims look bad, but it prevents the wheel from rolling smoothly and can prevent an airtight seal from forming around the tire. The impact when you hit a pothole may cause chips, bends, and cracks in the wheel. When checking for pothole damage on the wheels, look for chunks missing on the rim in the area where it meets the tire, sometimes small hairline cracks are painful to see, so make sure to remove brake dust and dirt from the wheel before inspecting them. In some situations, if the wheel is bent, it may be repaired, but cracked, chipped, and broken wheels must be replaced to prevent severe damages.

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Tire Damage

Tires are the only part of your vehicle that is meant to touch the road, making them highly susceptible to pothole damage, including tread separation, sidewall bulges, and flats. Potholes typically have a rough, sharp edge that compresses against the tires on impact. To reduce the risk of damaging your tires when hitting potholes in Chamberlain, Pierre, Rapid City, South Dakota, make sure the tires are always appropriately inflated. If you do experience tire damage or arent sure of the proper amount of inflation, stop by Vern Eide Honda, and our technicians will be happy to assist you.

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Steering & Suspension Damage

If you notice your vehicle is pulling to the left or to the right, it may be due to the suspension or steering components being out of alignment. Your vehicle’s suspension is meant to absorb the impact and provide a smooth ride, but the sudden, jarring that occurs when you hit potholes cause a range of issues, including misalignment, damaged struts and shocks, and broken ball joints. In most situations, your auto technician can put the alignment back into place, but until it’s repaired, you’ll notice your vehicle pulling in one direction, and the tires will wear unevenly.

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The good news is that the majority of potholes in Sioux Falls, SD, aren’t deep enough to threaten your vehicle. However, damages can occur, so if you hit a pothole it’s crucial to inspect your vehicle as soon as you get to your destination. Ensure you check the tires, wheels, and hidden areas such as the exhaust to make there isn’t any damage. If you notice pothole damage be sure to take your vehicle to Vern Eide Honda as soon as possible for repairs. Contact our Sioux Falls dealership today to schedule an inspection of your vehicle for pothole damage.

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