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Multi-Point Inspection Service

Vern Eide Honda Multi-Point Inspection in Sioux Falls, SD

There are different levels of vehicle inspections, and whenever you drive there are some simple things you should do. Just take a walk around the vehicle and look for soft tires, puddles under the engine, missing or damaged lights, or body damage. It will take less than a minute. The next level of inspection is a professional multi-point bumper-to-bumper inspection by your Honda Dealer’s service department. Most dealers will do this inspection when you bring your vehicle in for servicing.


What Does a Multi-Point Inspection Include?

Just like a Pilot’s Pre Flight check a multi-point inspection includes very specific areas. There are three categories of urgency, and your service technician will follow industry Guidelines and advise you of what needs repairing.

  1. Check and OK – This means no service or repair is needed. Brakes are a good example. The technician may notice some normal wear but determines that they are safe.
  2. May Require Attention Shortly – Your technician may notice that your tires are beginning to wear and advise you that in the next few months you will need a new set.
  3. Requires Immediate Attention – If you cannot safely operate your vehicle due to damage or a malfunctioning system you need immediate repairs. Broken or cracked wheel, blistered tires, leaking water hoses or brake lines, a sagging suspension, or loud noises coming from under the hood are all signs of serious problems. Do not drive the car at all. Have a towing service bring you to your dealer for repairs.

What Will Be Checked?

The following is a list of areas your service technician will check.

Overall Exterior Inspection

This is an overview that includes the glass, body parts, loose or missing trim pieces, including broken lights, missing mirrors.

Under The Hood

This is the most important part of the inspection. The vital fluids that lubricate and cool our vehicle are all located here, and there is a lot to look at.


  • Oil is the first thing checked. Not just to see that it is at the correct level, but the color and texture will tell your technician if there are more serious problems.
  • Making sure the coolant fluid level is correct is important, as is the age of the fluid. Your service technician can analyze the coolant and tell the condition with a simple test. Coolant protects your engine and radiator from corrosion. The chemicals that do this job dissipate over time which is why regular coolant changes are needed. Usually, 3 years is an average interval.
  • Transmission fluid must also be at the correct level, and like engine oil, the color and condition of the fluid will indicate if there are more serious problems.

Hoses and Belts

All the systems in your vehicle are driven by the engine through a series of belts and pulleys. Your technician can tell if the rubber is dried out, cracked or if a belt is about to fail. These are relatively inexpensive parts, and a broken belt can leave you high and dry by the side of the road.

Wipers, Lights, Tires, Shock Absorbers, and Struts

All vital components. Your technician will check every component and advise you if they are all in good working order. All the systems in your vehicle are driven by the engine through a series of belts and pulleys.

The Underside Inspection

This is not within the scope of most drivers, because the vehicle needs to be on a hydraulic lift. This gives the technician full access to all the components including:

  • Exhaust system
  • Brake lines
  • Suspension and steering components
  • Corrosion of frame parts
  • Fuel tank and fuel lines

All Systems Check at Vern Eide Honda

All your vehicle systems from the heating controls, to the air conditioning and all electrical systems. The last step is a thorough test drive. Be sure to take advantage of our service specials for discounts on any maintenance needed as result of your inspection, like a wheel alignment or tire rotation. Call Vern Eide Honda Today and schedule your inspection. Stay safe!

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