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Signs that your Honda Accord is due for an Oil Change Service

Oil is one of the most important automotive liquids because it is responsible for lubricating the moving parts of the engine keeping them cool. Beginning in 2011, every Accord model has been engineered to operate with Ow-20 synthetic oil. Before 2011, most Honda Accord models were engineered to stay lubricated and cool with 5w-20. No matter what kind of engine oil is required for your world-class Honda Accord, we have a full inventory of the engine oil and parts that you need to restore your engine oil performance to factory specifications.

   Honda Accord Oil Change Service


Here are the signs that will indicate if you need a Honda Accord Oil Change:

  • Dark or gritty engine oil
  • Engine noises – ticks or knocking
  • Check engine light is on
  • Change engine oil maintenance reminder is on
  • You’ve driven more miles than the Engine Oil Change Interval
  • Engine overheating

Don’t Ignore the Symptoms of Broken Down Engine Oil: Schedule a Honda Accord Oil Change

You don’t have to drive with broken-down engine oil when a Honda Accord Oil Change Service is so convenient, price-effective, and hassle-free at Vern Eide Honda. Vern Eide Honda is conveniently located in Sioux Falls, SD. Bring your Honda Accord and its dark engine oil to Vern Eide Honda in Sioux Falls, SD, and we’ll assign one of our certified Honda technicians to provide you with a Honda Accord Oil Change that gives your vehicle fresh engine oil and genuine Honda-approved oil filter to restore your vehicle to factory specifications.


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Honda Accord Fun Facts

The Honda Accord turned out to be one of the most popular vehicles in the history of the automotive industry. Here are a few fun facts about the Honda Accord that will impress every automobile enthusiast:


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