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Battery Testing & Replacement Service Sioux Falls, SD

Your Honda car, truck, van, crossover, or SUV's battery provides a critical electronic function by supplying electricity to the vehicle. The battery's main purpose is to supply your vehicle's starter with a strong electric current. After the engine is running, the alternator then provides electricity to the other electric systems. We only recommend installing genuine Honda batteries on your vehicle because they have been rigorously tested to ensure electric performance.


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Do I need a battery replacement service?

Batteries operate in a variety of driving conditions and will eventually go bad over time. If you say “yes” to any of the following symptoms, you will need battery testing and replacement service as needed: 

  • The engine has slower cranking when trying to start the engine 
  • The check engine light is on with an applicable battery service code 
  • The battery fluid is lower than normal 
  • The battery is disfigured or leaking fluid

Value of Battery Replacement Service

There are two major benefits from routine battery replacement service. The first benefit is providing maximum electrical current to all systems relying on electricity. Since so much of your vehicle relies on electricity, it is obvious that replacement service helps maximize vehicle performance. Secondly, old batteries often fail suddenly, which could leave you stranded. A new battery provides comfort as an old battery might suddenly fail; a new battery provides peace of mind. 

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Our team of highly-skilled Honda certified technicians is equipped with the most innovative technologies and latest protocols to verify the electrical output of your vehicle's battery. We are ready to inspect your old battery and install a new genuine Honda battery so that your car, van, truck, crossover, or SUV can achieve peak electrical performance. Don't get stranded this summer with a sudden battery failure. Schedule an appointment today to bring your Honda vehicle to the Vern Eide Honda Sioux Falls service center to receive the region's best battery replacement service. 

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