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Honda Maintenance Schedule

The maintenance schedule is your guide to keeping your Honda in good shape, and in helping it last as long as possible. The makers of the car know how long parts should last, and that is how they come up with a schedule. It is also a guide. It is not crucial that you hit it correctly. If you are within a couple of thousand miles, most scheduled maintenance items will be fine.

At Vern Eide Honda in Sioux Falls, SD, we know your Honda better than anyone else. We also serve Mitchell, Watertown, Aberdeen, Chamberlain, Pierre, Rapid City, South Dakota.

   Honda Maintenance Schedules


Honda Recommended Maintenance Schedules

Cars are designed not to need a lot of maintenance, but what is required is critical. Keeping up with all the scheduled items pretty much on time will keep your car running well and allow it to last as long as possible. Cars today routinely get 200,000 miles and more, and you can do that with your Honda as well if you keep it maintained. If you do not follow the schedule or keep your Honda maintained, it will wear out sooner than it should. It will also cause other problems resulting in even more expensive repair bills.

Mileage Maintenance Schedule

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Common Services

Each model of Honda is different and had its own maintenance needs. However, there are a few general items that will need to be done:

Engine Oil

Changing Engine Oil and Checking Fluids

There are several other items as well. Check your owner's manual for a detailed description of the maintenance schedule.

Taking care of our customers

Our helpful staff is here to answer any questions you may have. We have an early drop-off, as well as after-hours drop-off or pickup. We have a shuttle service available for your use. If you would like to wait while your car is being serviced you may relax in our comfortable waiting area. There you will find refreshments and snacks like Keurig drinks and fresh-baked cookies. We also have a kid's play area.

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Keep an eye on your maintenance schedule, and Honda has some reminders for you as well. At Vern Eide Honda in Sioux Falls, SD, we know your Honda better than anyone else. By using us you can be assured you are getting Honda parts and fluids, the kind your car was designed to use. We are a short drive from Mitchell, Watertown, Aberdeen, Chamberlain, Pierre, Rapid City, South Dakota.

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