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Battery Services

At Verne Eide Honda, we operate a Honda Service Department that routinely provides all Battery Services that a Honda vehicle might need throughout its life. From battery inspection, testing, and replacement services, we have the training and hands-on experience to help you maintain your vehicle's battery at peak performance and reliability.

   Honda Battery Services


Honda Battery Services in Sioux Falls, SD

At Vern Eide Honda we provide a testing service that will help you know exactly when to replace your battery, so you can squeeze all of the life out of it and keep operational costs low. Since extreme temperatures and significant temperature change between seasons are the most significant threats to your battery's performance, it is an excellent idea to schedule a Battery Inspection at the end of summer. Our Honda Service Department in Sioux Falls proudly provides Battery Services for Hondas from Mitchell, Watertown, Aberdeen, Chamberlain, Pierre, and Rapid City, South Dakota.

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Battery Inspection

Battery Inspection

Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement

Warning Signs of a Dying Battery?

The Battery in your world-class Honda car, truck, van, or SUV is at the heart of the electrical system. The Battery is required to start the engine and it also powers the electrical components when the engine is off. A faulty Battery can render a vehicle immovable as the engine won't be able to turn over. If you start to experience any of the warning signs of a dying battery, it is an excellent decision to schedule one of our Battery Services to ensure peak battery performance while preventing the consequences of a dead battery. Verne Eide Honda operates a Service Department in Sioux Falls ready to handle Battery Services for our customers from Mitchell, Aberdeen, Watertown, Chamberlain, Pierre, and Rapid City, South Dakota.

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