What is Honda’s Lane Keeping Assist System? | Honda Sensing Technology

What features are important to consider when shopping for a new car for sale in Sioux Falls? Two specific areas typically reign supreme for most drivers: safety and technology. When you buy a Honda car, truck or SUV you get the best of both worlds! The suite of technology that provides drivers a safer ride is labeled as Honda Sensing. One popular feature offered is Honda’s Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS). So what is Honda Lane Assist and why is it important?

Simply said, LKAS is designed to make driving more convenient by keeping your vehicle in the middle of the lane. Not to be confused with Lane Departure Warning, which also helps prevent accidents, Honda’s Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) also keeps your Honda in the middle of the road and helps you avoid accidentally entering another lane. If you begin to leave the center of a detected lane without signaling, the steering adjusts to keep you centered. How does the technology work? Windshield mounted cameras are used to detect any signals that cause your vehicle to drift. Note, the system will not work if you take your hands off the wheel or otherwise stop steering the vehicle.

How do I use The Lane Keeping Assist System?

The short answer on how to use the Lane Keeping Assist feature is simple: drive! By keeping your hands on the wheel or driving the vehicle, the Lane Keeping Assist System will adjust your steering wheel to keep you in the detected lane if you’re drifting outside your current lane without signaling. It’s that simple!

How to Turn On LKAS

For models that include Honda Sensing as standard technology, LKAS doesn't require any additional input from the driver. But, you will want to have the system turned on if it isn’t already. To do so, follow these quick steps:

  • Press MAIN on your steering wheel.
  • Then, next to it, press the LKAS button that looks like hands on a steering wheel with lane markers.
  • You will know the system is turned on if LKAS is lit up in the instrument cluster next to a digital display of a road.

Every new Honda vehicle has the option to be equipped with Lane Keeping Assist System and Honda Sensing. One of our sales experts at Vern Eide Honda is available to answer all of your Honda Sensing, LKAS and general questions! Our goal is to provide a fun, fast & friendly experience.

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