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At Vern Eide Honda Sioux Falls, we want our customers to have the best driving experience and driver safety. Braking is a critical function of your Honda car, truck, van, crossover, or SUV with a high-performance braking system dedicated to the task. Brake pads are a major part of the braking system as they meet the vehicle's rotors or drums to apply stopping power. Brake pads are made of a composite material that breaks down over time, requiring brake pad replacement service to maximize stopping power.  

Do I Need Brake Pad Replacement Service?

If you are experiencing any of the following warning signs, you will need to schedule brake pad replacement service with complimentary braking system inspection: 

  • Noise when pressing the brake pedal
  • Stopping distance has increased 
  • Brake pedal pulsates when applying pressure 
  • Brake pedal must be pushed farther down to stop the vehicle  

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Value of Regular Brake Pad Replacement Service 

Honda drivers receive many benefits when having regular brake pad replacement service. The first benefit is new brake pad replacement service increases the braking system's life. Since each brake pad replacement service comes with a full braking system inspection, problems are identified and corrected quickly to prolong the life of the entire braking system. When problems are detected quickly, future costly repairs can be prevented. Safety is also protected with new brake pad replacement service because maximum stopping power equals maximum safety. 

Schedule Honda Brake Service Today 

If you have not had your brake pads inspected this year, or if you are experiencing any of the warning signs mentioned, you will need to schedule an appointment for brake pad replacement service. Schedule an appointment today at the Vern Eide Honda Sioux Falls service center to have one of our Honda certified technicians perform a full brake pad replacement service with complimentary brake system inspection. 

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