Bad Credit Auto Dealership Sioux Falls | Bad Credit Car Loans

Bad credit or no credit auto dealerships in Sioux Falls do exist. In fact, our team at Vern Eide Honda has assisted hundreds of people with bad credit or no credit. Our Sioux Falls car dealership can help you find a vehicle and get financed! Our bad credit finance experts have worked with many banks over the years. We have access to a lot of bad credit lending institutions so you can get a competitive loan. Our process of helping people with a car loan is simple and easy to follow!

How to Get a Car Loan with Bad Credit

A lot of the people we’ve helped over the years prefer our online credit application. It’s quick, simple and a great way to know where your credit score is. It’s the first step if you visit our bad credit repair car dealership in person or over the phone. Next, our finance experts will need a few basic documents you’ll need to get ready.

  • Proof of Income / Check Stub
  • Telephone Bill
  • Copy of your Lease or Mortgage Statement
  • References

The fact is many people with bad credit or no credit challenges are still able to receive financing on a vehicle. We’ve helped people finance both new and used vehicles for sale in Sioux Falls. Not everyone knows bad credit car dealerships can find financing for new vehicles. Our team is committed to helping you. Our goal is to provide a fast, fun, and friendly experience no matter what your credit. We want a relationship far beyond the sale and work hard to show you!

Once we have an idea of your credit score and documentation provided, we will turn to various banks & lenders to find the best rate. Typically, interest rates are higher if you have bad credit history. Lenders will look at bad or no credit as a higher risk when compared to people with average or above credit scores. Our Fresh Start program was built for helping people improve their credit. One of the many areas we’re committed to working towards a lifelong relationship.

If you have any questions on how our bad credit programs work, call us at (605) 362-9500 or simply stop by our Sioux Falls Honda dealership located at 5200 S Louise Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57108. We’ve been able to help many people and look forward to helping you!

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