7-7-7 Program

Pre-Paid Service Card
Ease your mind by paying for the routine scheduled maintenance in advance, removing the hassle later. 

Good for up to and including the 30,000 mile inspection. Luxury vehicles, sports cars, diesel vehicles, mid-sized & full-sized SUVs & pickups with 4WD/AWD have a $200 surcharge.

Tire Rewards
Earn Your First Set of Replacement Tires (up to a $700 value)

Another great benefit of the 7-7-7 program by Vern Eide is the $700 tire replacement reward. By simply following the rewards maintenance plan you'll be eligible to earn your set of replacement tires.

$700 Voucher Towards The Purchase Of Your Next Vehicle

Upon the second anniversary of the vehicle purchase date, you'll receive a postcard in the mail which will advise you that you may be eligible for a $700 discount off the purchase price of another vehicle from Vern Eide Motorcars. If it is determined that you are eligible for a $700 discount, you must purchase another vehicle from the dealer within the 48-month period beginning on the second anniversary of the vehicle purchase date and ending on the forth.